Muncie super case

Tail Housing

Side Cover

5 Year Warranty


It was discovered that the shifter shafts in many high-mile side covers are running in elongated bores, causing new oil Seals to fail prematurely. Here's the fix, bushed side cover for extreme shifting conditions.

Extension housing


If you've been looking, you know that good extensions for thirty-year old Muncies are hard to come by. A backbone rib was added. The reverse shift tower was stiffened, and enlarged the oil seal shroud.

Super Muncie


Every time you shift your Muncie 's heavy main shaft assembly is thrown back and forth, restrained only by two snap rings and your mid plate. Think of it as a slide hammer and it'll be no surprise that many aluminum mid plates are distorted at the snap ring groove. Our mid plate is made from shock resistant iron.

$ Call

*Custom built to application*

There are exotic transmissions designed for quarter miles or circle tracks, but if your Muscle Car sees city streets or country lanes you need a heavy-duty, synchronized, close-ratio gearbox with a helical gear set.

Each new transmission is built from the highest quality parts available–and includes all the goodies: Super Case, ductile mid plate, your choice of three heavy-duty gear sets and a roller side cover. Best of all, it's ready to install and it's available at a less-than-exotic price.

Iron Mid-Plate

$119.00Side cover

The strongest 356T6 aluminum alloy. It has thickened case walls, added additional material to support a stronger full width 307 main drive bearing and a countershaft sealing soft plug, and we reinforced and thickened the mounting ears. As a final touch, user-friendly straight thread fill and (magnetic) drain plugs with sealing O-rings were added. 

No flex, no leaks, no broken ears.

​Main Case